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A secret playbook for startup transformation

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Nine out of ten startups fail. Even venture capital firms make most of their returns on one out of ten investments hitting the proverbial “home run.” But in the media—and our culture—we glorify those success stories, leaving little room for the difficult side of entrepreneurship. 

Founders are often pushed too hard for growth and miss their shot at greatness. If you feel stuck…. 

All hope is not lost, but you must transform to survive. 

Bolstered by real-life stories of successful turnarounds, interviews with industry experts, and “hard lessons” from my own experiences, Reignition is a clear and practical playbook for helping a company transition from stuck to great. 

Reignition is for companies with $1M to $100M in revenue that have seen success but need a new path towards a successful second act. Whether you are a founder, CEO, executive, advisor, or board member, this book will show you the path to successful transformation. 

You’ll finish these pages with the confidence to rebuild your company, the skills to do it, and the reassurance that you are not alone.

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Praise for Reignition


Reignition isn’t just a playbook for founders to create their next chapter; it’s a vulnerable, honest look into the inner and outer realities of making that chapter a great one.”

– Chip Conley, Modern Elder Academy (MEA) Founder and New York Times Bestselling Author

Reignition is my current lightning strike of inspiration, drive, and motivation.”

– Nathan Stevenson, CEO, ForwardLane

“Unlike many books for startups, Reignition is backed up with the scar tissue and pattern recognition of an experienced leader. It's not only required reading for founders feeling stuck, but also for any entrepreneur with a growth mindset.”

– Charlene Li, Speaker, Advisor, and New York Times bestselling author of The Disruption Mindset

Reignition is an honest, practical, and inspiring guide for founders to overcome challenges and get on the path toward becoming a breakout.

– Maynard Webb, Founder of Webb Investment Network, Director at Salesforce and Visa, New York Times Bestselling Author

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