Quick Update on D-Day

The 90 Days are up. Today is my deadline for choosing the next big thing, so here’s a quick update  since I’ve received so many cards and letters about how I’m doing (read: 3 emails and a concerned looking cat). As per my last post, I haven’t found an existing company I want to join full-time. So I am officially starting my own.

Feels good to say.

I write this as I’m baking a chocolate cake for my daughter, so in person it doesn’t have the same gravity, but yes, in the next week I’ll be setting up shop in San Francisco and slowly rebuilding my  love / hate / overdose relationship with caffeine.

Those who know me could have seen this coming months ago. I’m slow on the uptake.

But I am fired up. I want to win again. As these posts have ruminated on, the motivations are less about competence (proving myself) and more about significance (mattering), but it’s there. Now I just need great people.

Thanks for all your support.


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